Showers provide a way for municipalities in Thurston County to meet part of the basic hygiene needs and reduce the health and environmental impacts of some of the most at-risk homeless residents. The basic health and safety needs of homeless residents is a challenge when many go without basic hygiene services, such as showers and hand-washing and this leads to other consequences for general safety and health of our communities.

Shower Power Plus program welcomes any and every person visiting and requesting a shower and clean clothes.  Additionally, we provide a warm meal, food, clothing donations and service referrals at each shower event. We served nearly 1,200 guests between September 2021 and March 2022.

Showers have been provided to homeless guests in Thurston County since July 2020. We can serve up to 40 guests in a day using CDC-prescribed COVID-19 safety precautions. The program serves homeless and low-income persons in Thurston County. Based on 2020 Point in Time Census data this population is 54% male, LGBTQ 12%, 48% mental health issues, 40% chronic health issues, 35% physical health issues, 25% substance abuse issues and 15% claim developmental disabilities. 74% say they have been homeless more than one year. This population showed a 46% increase over 2019. Our initial guests are 75% single males, 5% single females, and 20% couples: some with children. Our guests fit the above data profile. 

Shower Trailer

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