About Us

Lisa Gillotti, Founder & Executive Director

In January 2018, I decided to start our nonprofit organization because I have always helped people especially those who belong to the underserved population. I often ask myself, “What can I do to be of service to others?” I realized just how amazing it would be if I could help other low-income individuals find affordable housing, providing a hand up and not a hand out. I was so excited, and I told my roommate, Mary about this vision. She encouraged me to go for it and advised me to write down all my ideas for this project. I am proud to say that from January 2018 until today, the ideas keep flowing opening more ideas to connect with more people in the community. As a result, I have met many people from different sectors of the community. I am honored to have developed strong connections in the community and have made many friends. With each individual interaction I affirm that I am on the right path by continuing to move forward with building community. I will NEVER quit!

Peter D. Cook, Board Member BABH

Peter is an engineer, economist and urban planner who has been a community volunteer working in areas of homelessness response in Olympia over the last 5 years.

  • He helped organize the Faith Alliance Initiative for Tiny Houses (FAITH)
  • He has worked closely with the Providence Community Care Center partners to provide emergency funds for homeless people looking for jobs and housing
  • He has worked with Just Housing Olympia and the United Churches of Olympia to develop mitigation measures for Nickerson homeless encampment (Shelter in Place strategy)

Before that he led a 35-year career in international transportation planning, water systems improvements, urban and regional planning and information systems. He worked on projects ranging from small transportation studies to national and regional-level transport planning and policy studies in over 60 countries. During this career he developed many different types of innovative cost-benefit analysis for dealing with urban problems. He was part owner and manager of a medium sized business. He is the author of numerous published papers and has taught university-level courses. He has conducted seminars on his work at MIT, University of Washington and The Evergreen State College (TESC), among others. He is supervising independent studies of the cost of homelessness at TESC.

Education: B.Sc., MIT; M.B.A, Harvard University; Special Program in Urban and Regional Science, MIT.

Aaron Sauerhoff, Founding Board Member BABH, Founder of Earth Homes LLC

Growing up in New York, Aaron developed a deep curiosity about the creation of sustainable buildings, and how they shaped people’s experiences of life. After seven years of intensive training as a pilot, he moved out to the Pacific Northwest to pursue his dream of becoming an ecological builder. After serving as project manager and finance officer for a small custom homebuilding company in the Seattle area at the age of 20, he undertook a series of internships and leadership positions in student organizations through his years at The Evergreen State College. In January 2019, at the age of 24, he fulfilled his dream of founding Earth Homes, an ecologically-oriented design-build firm in Olympia, WA, with a vision to effect radical reunion between natural and green building practices, and to help shape the future of the built environment. When not happily troweling clay plaster or giving direction on a job site, Aaron can be found in the meeting chambers of the Olympia Planning Commission, talking strategy at midnight with his community, flying small planes, or wearing moss around his neck as mayor of Ecotopia at the Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival.

BABH Acting Board Members

Aaron Sauerhoff, Peter Cook, Shanda de Anda, Larry Pederson, Christina Davis

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